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“Working with the team at East Coast Studio has made podcasting 100% easier. I record the episode, upload the files, and they handle the rest. Their creative input and vision have helped me craft a top-rated show. They’ve saved me countless hours over the last few years, allowing me to focus on creating great content and growing my business.”

Renée Warren 🇨🇦
Founder & CEO of We Wild Women,
Into the Wild Podcast

“East Coast Studio gets it done and responds immediately any time I make contact. I do not have to worry about delivery or quality, it is a done deal.”

Adam Muggleton 🇨🇦
Building Commissioning Professional, Edifice Complex Podcast

“East Coast Studio is an excellent choice to outsource podcast tasks that you don’t have time for. They’re highly skilled and quick at editing episodes… This high quality work paired with their exceptional customer service makes podcasting easy and fun to do. I highly recommend using East Coast Studio.”

Julia Smith 🇨🇦
Private Practice Consultant ,

Fearless Practice Podcast

“All I have to do is record and upload the file. East Coast Studio cleans it up, edits it, adds in our commercials, our intro and outro, and then publishes the episode… It’s literally 10% as much work as it was before.”

Dr. Josh Satterlee 🇺🇸
DC, Clinic Gym Radio Podcast

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