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“Starting a Podcast is very daunting, I was scared to start, scared I would sound stupid, scared I would accidentally burp on air (true story). East Coast Studio took away my fears and continues to give me the confidence I need to hit record week after week. Three thousand percent recommend working with them if you want to be sure you’ll be putting your best foot forward whenever you hit publish.”

Kelly Lawson 🇨🇦
Photographer, Podcaster, Marketer
The Workshop Weekly

“East Coast Studio gets it done and responds immediately any time I make contact. I do not have to worry about delivery or quality, it is a done deal.”

Adam Muggleton 🇨🇦
Building Commissioning Professional, Edifice Complex Podcast

“If it wasn’t for East Coast Studio, I’d probably still be feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed. Instead, I’m very inspired and super excited with the results. If you’re looking to start a podcast and feel you don’t have the skills to do it professionally, these guys are there to support you 100% of the way!”

Katie Webster 🇨🇦
Transformative Coach, The Katie Webster Show

Why Choose East Coast Studio?

We're a Canadian Small Business

Like supporting local businesses and people? So do we! No need to ship your podcasting tasks overseas. East Coast Studio has a Canada-based team and you can even pay with loonies!

Fair Pricing

You should only pay for what you need. We don’t have contracts, minimums, or subscriptions. You’ll know the pricing before any work is done and receive an invoice at the end of the month.

Time Efficiency

No more juggling multiple freelancers or wasting hours to produce a great podcast. We can take care of your editing, show notes, graphics, audiograms, and uploading, too.

Taking Care of Business, Every Day

You may not work “business hours” and neither do we. We’re here 7 days a week and answer most e-mails in minutes, not hours, and certainly not days.

Native English

Yes, we understand words like “Canuck” and “hoser”, but more importantly, no embarrassing grammar mistakes and nothing gets lost in translation.

Professional Team

Our entire team of editors have post-secondary training in audio engineering. East Coast Studio’s founder is an honours graduate from OIART, one of Canada’s most highly regarded audio schools.

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