Whether you’re just starting out, or are many episodes into your podcast journey, there are always ways to improve your hosting skills! You’ll naturally improve over time through trial and error and growing more comfortable. But, there are some specific things you can do to be a better podcast host.


Be Prepared

When it comes to being a good podcast host, preparation is essential. Whether you’re a solo host, a duo, or an interviewer, you must be familiar with your subject matter and guests.


Avoid Information Overload

While you must know what you’re talking about, you also should strike a balance between sounding knowledgeable and overloading your audience with information. Unleashing an avalanche of information on listeners can be boring for them, and easy to forget. Keep sections short, sweet, and succinct. As your hosting skills improve, you’ll learn how to communicate concepts to listeners in a clear manner.


ABC – Always Be Curious

One of the best qualities a podcast host can have is curiosity. Asking questions relating to what your guest is talking about will open up new avenues of content to explore. Think about what a listener would be curious to ask the guest about. Also, ask questions of your audience. It will get them thinking and drive their engagement with your show.


Listen Actively

In order to be curious, you must actively listen to your guest to be a better podcast host. When your guest is talking, focus on what they are saying and not on what you are going to say next. Don’t interrupt or cut them off. Contribute to the conversation, but shine a spotlight on your guest and respect their time for coming on your show.


Avoid Sounding Scripted

For some types of podcasts, a script is necessary. However, sounding scripted is not. Stilted speaking, rushing words, and sounding monotone can all be downfalls of using a script. All of these issues can be negated though, it just takes practice! Ideally, you can write out thoughts in note form rather than word-for-word. Project your voice without shouting, inject emotion into your reading, and embrace your natural voice.


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