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Podcasting simplified.

From basic episode editing to complete podcast launch and management, East Coast Studio makes it simple for you to create a professional-quality podcast.

Podcast Launch & Startup

  • Host selection and setup
  • Website creation
  • Intro/outro production
  • Directory listings
  • Equipment and recording setup

Podcast Editing & Production

  • Noise and echo reduction
  • Removal of ums, pauses, mistakes
  • Improve speech flow
  • Add intro, outro, and ads
  • Mastering for optimal quality sound

Additional Podcast Services

  • Show notes
  • Distribution and uploading
  • Audiograms & Graphics
  • Video versions
  • Transcriptions

Podcast Launch & Startup

While podcasting has a fairly low barrier to entry, getting started can still be intimidating! What equipment should you buy? How can you conduct remote interviews? What’s an RSS feed? Most importantly, is your podcast coming across as amateur or professional?

Not to worry. East Coast Studio has helped launch dozens of podcasts with people who started out just like you.

When you work with East Coast Studio, you’ll have a single point of contact throughout the entire startup process and beyond. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know, and help get your podcast up and running sooner than you’d think!

From creating your intro/outro, configuring a podcast host or website, getting you listed in directories, helping you setup your audio equipment, and more, East Coast Studio is here to help.

Man and Woman Podcasting Canada
Man and Woman Podcasting Canada

Podcast Editing & Production

Every podcast is unique, but most will require the following minimum basics:

  • Fixing/deleting any mistakes or retakes
  • Insertion of intro/outro/commercials
  • Audio cleanup & mastering

These basics ensure a consistent, quality sound and organize the parts of your podcast into a final product that’s ready for distribution.

Advanced podcasters may choose to opt for premium editing. In this meticulous process, we will listen to your entire episode and remove ums/ahs, stutters, false starts, loud mouth noise, etc. This is a common choice for businesses and professionals.

Additional Podcast Services

There’s more to podcasting than just editing, and it can all add up to many hours of work for you! Save time and money by letting East Coast Studio handle everything, so you can focus on what’s important: creating great content.

Some of the other services we offer include:

  • Show notes
  • Distribution and uploading
  • Episode graphics
  • Audiograms
  • Video versions
  • Transcriptions

There’s no need to deal with separate people for your editing, show notes, artwork, and uploading. We combine everything into a single point of contact! Simply send us your audio and we’ll take it from there. Podcasting has never been easier.


Man and Woman Podcasting Canada

Why Choose East Coast Studio?

Time Efficiency

No more juggling multiple people or spending hours of your own time trying to produce a great podcast. At East Coast Studio, we can handle more than just the editing. We’ll take care of your show notes, audiograms, uploading, and nearly anything else you need taken off your hands! It’s podcasting made easy.

Professional Team

Our entire team of editors have post-secondary training in audio engineering and do this work full-time. In fact, our founder studied at OIART, one of the most highly regarded audio schools in Canada. Your podcast will be of the utmost quality, consistently, every time.

No "Business Hours"

In today’s global economy, we know you may not work “business hours” and neither should your podcast team. All of our delivery time estimates are the same no matter when we receive your audio. Minus some time for sleep, we’re here around the clock, 7 days a week. We answer most every e-mail in minutes, not hours, and certainly not days. Try it out!

Fair Pricing

At East Coast Studio we believe that you should only pay for what you need. That’s why we don’t have any contracts, minimums, or monthly packages. Use us as much or as little as you’d like. You’ll know the pricing before any work is done.

“East Coast Studio gets it done and responds immediately any time I make contact. I do not have to worry about delivery or quality, it is a done deal.”

Adam Muggleton

Building Commissioning Professional, Edifice Complex Podcast

“If you’re looking for a full service company that can make you sound good! I know nothing about podcasting except interviewing the guests, East Coast Studio handles everything else. They make my podcast sound good and run smoothly. Don’t hesitate to hire them, they are worth every penny.”

Janine Bolon

Founder, The 8 Gates

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