Audio Editing & Production

East Coast Studio offers full-service audio editing for virtually any project. Our head audio whiz has over 6 years experience and an audio engineering diploma.

Plus, with so many services available in-house, we can be your single point of contact for a huge part of any audio/visual project. That means a whole lot less work for you!


Audio Editing

If it involves audio, we can take on the project. Need a voiceover cleaned up? Are audio levels in your YouTube videos all over the place? A radio station looking to outsource some production tasks? e-Book needs editing and mixing? Need a podcast editor?

We can slice, dice, mix and master audio of all types.

Audio Restoration & Cleanup

Technology allows us to do some amazing things! Using techniques such as noise removal, echo reduction, and other magic tricks, we can tremendously clean up problematic audio.

We've done this for an assortment of projects such as cleaning noisy recordings for eLearning material, fixing inconsistencies in web TV shows, and even cleaning an iPhone recording of a kids birthday party!

Radio Production

We offer full-service audio production for radio. Fully fully produced commercials, imaging that makes your station jump off the dial, or even syndicated show production. East Coast Studio can do it all.


We aren't limited to audio-only projects. If the audio in your video needs help, or you're looking to add voiceovers or music, we can help you out and deliver as audio files or a finished product video file with the audio contained.