Conscious Coaching Inc. provides life, legal and family coaching for individuals and families dealing with life’s struggles and transitions.  They are located in Toronto, Ontario, but provide their services around the world.  Established in June 2016, the company has grown from one person to three.

Leah Allison, CEO & Family and Relationship Coach, decided to start a podcast to provide information to the company’s established followers and be easier to discover by new clients. However, it took a bit of encouragement before she dove into podcasting.

“My husband suggested it and then bought me the equipment,” she said. “Now, I love it. Starting the first one was a bit unnerving, but after a few minutes into the podcast my colleague and I found our groove and we had so much fun. It has been that way ever since.”

Leah now says that podcasting is the best part of her job. “I love talking with people or even sometimes on my own; I love hearing their stories and try and keep it light and fresh. Coming up with new ideas and topics is exciting.”

The company’s podcast, Conscious Corner, has every episode edited by East Coast Studio.

“I have had a few listeners who are in the advertising and entertainment industry say that we sound amazing and so clear and casual,” Leah says. “A true testament to us at Conscious Coaching Inc. and East Coast Studio, who clean up all the hiccups throughout the podcast and make us sound like we are in a studio rather than our kitchen.” She states that Conscious Corner helps advertise her business and elevates their status in the industry.

Leah discovered East Coast Studio by searching online for someone to clean up her podcasts.

“I reached out to them and have never looked back. Their work is at such a high standard and we have created a routine for workflow which is seamless. East Coast Studio is truly one of our team members because we wouldn’t sound this great without them.”

You can click here to check out the Conscious Corner Podcast.

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