An important, but often overlooked, part of any advertising or copy is having it written or edited by a professional. East Coast has the experience and knowledge to write effective scripts, provide quality voiceovers, and get you the best results.


Radio & Podcast Commercials


After working in professional broadcast production for years, there's one thing we've seen time and time again. Some businesses will spend thousands of dollars on radio advertising, yet refuse to take the advice of a professional copywriter. They spend hard-earned money to air a radio commercial that does nothing for the business.


Truth is, there's much more to a radio ad than simply writing 30 seconds of words.


Get the most for your advertising money. East Coast Studio knows how to write effective copy that will capture attention, present your message in a way that matters, and give a clear, concise call to action.


This means better response, higher traffic, and increased sales. Whether you're advertising your product on a national radio network or a niche podcast, East Coast Studio can give you the professional sound you need.

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