Running a podcast is a lot of work. You have to record, edit, write show notes, market your show, and countless other tasks. How can you keep everything organized and moving smoothly? The answer is to create a podcast workflow.

Mapping out what you need to do and when to do it by can massively increase your productivity while reducing stress and mistakes. How do you go about creating an effective workflow that works for you?


Divide and Conquer

First, take a look at everything that goes into creating your podcast. List all your main tasks and divide each one into subtasks. Make sure to include everything you can think of!

For example, let’s say you will be interviewing a guest in this episode. Following them on social media, writing interview questions/topics, and contacting them ahead of time should all be included. Listing everything out this way ensures you can see all that needs to be done at a glance and plan accordingly.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Delegate It!

Does it seem like there’s an endless list of small tasks that need to be done? Or are there some things you just don’t enjoy doing? Then don’t!

Delegate to your team or hire someone. Things like social media posts can be scheduled with a tool of your choice like SmarterQueue, but they also need to be composed. If social media or marketing isn’t your forte, there are amazing marketers that you can hire. Show notes and audio editing can easily be outsourced to experts that will help to streamline your process.


Track Your Tasks

Not only is it essential to figure out what needs doing, but it’s also important to keep organized. Task management platforms such as ClickUp allow you to create a podcast workflow by making individual tasks, assigning them to others, and setting due dates. This also allows you to easily see how each episode is progressing and what needs attention, while keeping your team in sync.


Automate Everything You Can

There are other apps you can utilize for productivity and timesaving as well, such as Calendly and Zapier.

With Calendly, you can share your schedule with guests for easy scheduling of interviews.

With Zapier, you can automate many aspects of your workflow by creating Zaps. You don’t need to know how to code to use Zapier – it’s an easy program that walks you through how to integrate it into your process. You can automate guest outreach emails and countless other workflows that you’ve yet to dream up.

Start implementing these changes today to create a podcast workflow!

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