Can Noise In My Recording Be Reduced?

Audio can almost always be “improved”, but the #1 secret to a great sounding podcast is to get a quality recording from the start. A poor-sounding phone call recording cannot be turned into studio-quality audio.

We’ll be happy to assess any audio before proceeding with a project.

More importantly, the best mindset is “how can I capture a great recording” rather than “can it be fixed later?”

All of our editing services include simple noise reduction to reduce overall low-level background noise and minor room echo. However, it is not the focus of our service to remove intermittent sounds such as loud hiss, dog barks, clicks, static, etc or repair any severe technical sound issues.

Sometimes things happen that cause you to end up with unforeseen issues and a recording that desperately needs to be rescued, and in those cases we always do what we can. Our experience and understanding of audio processing allows us to quickly identify issues and determine whether they can be resolved or not.

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