How to Sign Up for Podbean Hosting

If you’ve spoken with us and decided Podbean is the optimal host for you, here are the instructions on how to proceed!


1. Go to and scroll to the very bottom of the page. (Using our referral link is optional, but gets you a free month of service!)

Under the green “Unlimited Audio” box, click SIGN UP NOW.

2. Enter your e-mail and desired password. For security purposes, you should choose a password that you do not use for anything else.

The “subdomain” will affect the link that your podcast can be accessed from, such as Therefore, it should be your podcast name or some variation of it.

Proceed to create your account.


3. Choose your billing plan. The price is $9/month USD if you pay annually ($108 USD per year) or $14/month USD if you pay monthly.

Select order now, enter your payment information, and continue.

Note: This service is provided to you by Podbean, and you are paying Podbean directly.


4. Once the account is opened, please provide your representative with the email and password for the account and await further instructions.

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