I’m Getting An Echo In My Remote Interviews

Using services like Squadcast.fm or Zoom.us, you can conveniently connect with anybody, anywhere, and record fairly high quality podcast interviews.

One common issue that arises in these recordings happens due to one or both parties failing to use headphones during recording.

When a person doesn’t wear headphones during the interview, the voice of the person they are speaking with can be picked up by their microphone. This can create a number of problems such as an echo or delayed copy of the voice appearing in the recording, and also garbled audio when both people speak at the same time.

This is why during these recording sessions it’s imperative that each person wear headphones. Any headphones will do, as long as there are some being used by both people speaking.

When preparing your guests for their appearance on their podcast, it’s a great idea to send them a prep sheet and include this useful tidbit about being prepared with headphones during the call!

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