Libsyn Publisher Hub Upload Forbidden Message

Occasionally the Libsyn Publisher Hub WordPress plugin will give the message “Upload Forbidden” when trying to upload and publish a new episode through WordPress.

Most times the fix is simple, so try this:

1) In your WordPress admin area, find “Libsyn Publisher Hub” on the left sidebar and click “settings”

2) From the settings page, in the “Modify Api” area, click “Save Changes”.

Now try creating and uploading your new episode again.

We recommend completely deleting the post if you had saved it as a draft before trying again. You should then also login to Libsyn and verify that the episode is not appearing under Drafts or File Manager. This will prevent a duplicate file error causing more problems.

Most times this simple fix takes care of the problem. However, if you still experience the Upload Forbidden issue, check the Storage Usage on your Libsyn dashboard to ensure you actually have storage space remaining on your plan.

If the problem persists, further troubleshooting may be in order. We then recommend completely deleting and establishing the connection between the Publisher Hub plugin and your Libsyn account.

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