What Is the Difference Between Basic and Advanced Editing?

East Coast Studio offers two types of editing. The first, lower-cost option is basic editing. This includes taking your audio recording, combining it with your intro/outro/ad/music if you have them, enhancing the audio, basic noise and echo reduction if needed, up to 3 edits, and creating a mastered MP3 file ready for distribution.

The second option is advanced editing. This includes everything in basic, but we’ll also carefully go through your entire episode, cleaning up issues such as ums, stumbles, mistakes, long pauses, etc while still maintaining a natural pace of conversation.

The advantage of advanced editing is a pristine finished product. The speech flows better, there are no long moments of thinking, annoying ums, or mistakes. Unless your episode has blatant mistakes within, then advanced editing is certainly not necessary, but it is still sure to improve any episode. We like to think of advanced editing as a luxury, not necessity, but it is highly recommended especially for business and professional podcasts where image is important.

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