Finding THE name for your podcast is simultaneously the most and least important part of starting your show — are you going to go punny, funny, or super descriptive? Sure, you want to choose the right thing, but don’t lose sight of your overarching goal — to launch your show. Let’s get into how to choose a name for your podcast.

There are a few directions you can go in with your name. But remember, whatever you choose, it’s neither set in stone for all eternity nor should you let choosing a name for your show be a block to releasing it.


Beware the Clever Creative Name

You may initially decide that plumping for a clever play on words or using a niche term is the way you want to play it.

Hold up.

If you don’t already have an audience or a reputation as a subject matter expert and a fairly chunky marketing budget that will get some eyes (and ears) on your show, then this may not be the best option for you. Imagine if your podcast’s name is so abstract that it doesn’t even hint at the topics your show will cover. That makes it unlikely that your show will appear when your target audience is searching their podcast platform for keywords that relate to your show.

The same advice goes for using your name as the name of the podcast. After all, The Jane Smith Show only has meaning if Jane Smith already has an engaged following that is already excited to check the podcast out.

Make sure that whatever you choose is unique. Go to your podcast app and do a quick search for any of the names you’re currently mulling over; you may find that you have to discard one or two straight out of the gate.

You may turn up a show that put out just a couple of seasons years ago, but be wary about going ahead and using the name. It could cause confusion for your potential audience about whether your show is brand new or a new season of an old podcast.


Clean and Clear

A clean and clear name cannot be misunderstood — it literally spells out what your podcast is about for anyone who might be interested in tuning in.

Okay, it’s not ‘sexy,’ but it’s effective. Your show will be easy to find and for anyone with an interest in your topic. You could consider amalgamating your clever title with a descriptive subtitle, but be aware that Apple Podcasts strongly disapproves of keyword stuffing. Using commas or any other characters to separate words in a subtitle could mean your show is rejected.



One size doesn’t fit all. As with all guidelines, they are there to give you a nudge in the right direction. What you choose to call your podcast is entirely up to you and depends on the audience you hope to attract. What is certain, though, is that if you don’t currently have any listeners and you’d like to grow an engaged following, then using a descriptive title that makes your show simple to find on podcast platforms is your best bet. That’s our top advice on how to choose a name for your podcast.

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