New to podcasting and determined to start on the right foot? Been DIY editing your podcast for a while and want to reclaim some time? Hiring a podcast editor is the way. But have you ever wondered how to hire a podcast editor?

As with filling any role, finding the perfect podcast editor is something you want to get right the first time!

If you’ve never worked with a podcast editor before, you may have some questions on how the process works and how to find the perfect editor for you.


Why Work with a Professional Podcast Editor?

With free software and a few YouTube tutorials, you can throw together a “DIY” podcast edit on your own. But just because you can, doesn’t mean this is the best way to get it done.

In deciding whether to make the leap and start working with a podcast editor, there’s lots to consider.


How To Hire a Podcast Editor and then Work Together

How exactly does the process look when working with a professional podcast editor?

You start by sending your editor the raw podcast audio recording, whether it’s a solo show or interview.

The editor will then tidy up mistakes, filler words, overly long pauses, and ensure the dialogue flows seamlessly. They’ll add your intro, outro, music, ads, and any other elements. Then, they’ll reduce noise and echo, master the audio for clarity and consistent levels, and send back a polished show.

A professional podcast editor is able to do all this with ease, paying attention to often-overlooked details such as natural speech pacing.

You can even find editors or companies who are able to help with additional podcast tasks like writing show notes, creating social media clips, and uploading the episode.


Finding the Perfect Podcast Editor

After deciding you’d like to work with a podcast editor, the search begins! There are many ways to find and work with a podcast editor, from freelancers to marketing agencies.

You’ll want to consider things like budget, time zone, communication, consistency, turnaround times, and more. Can your editor complete last minute changes in a timely fashion? Is this their full-time job or a hobby they mess with on the weekends when they’re not off practicing forest yoga?

Ask some questions and get to know them. Could you get along with this person? Do they share your passion about podcasting? Can they make your life easy and get the job done? Are they able to share names one or two other podcasts that they work on? Does the price seem too low or too high?


What to Keep In Mind When Hiring a Podcast Editor

Prevent future headaches by keeping the following when beginning to work with a podcast editor.

  • Be sure to keep copies of your music and intro/outro on file. Should you ever switch editors, you’ll need to provide these to your new editor.
  • Be sure you understand and have ownership of your podcast hosting account.
  • Are they asking you to sign any contract or commit to a certain amount of work for a certain period of time? Is a subscription ideal for you or is pay-as-you-go better?
  • Does the editor understand the vision for your podcast?


Hiring a Professional Podcast Editor

If you’re serious about podcasting, you should work with an editor. Not only will you save tremendous amounts of time, the editor will also ensure your podcast sounds as professional as possible, in ways DIY editors usually don’t even realize.

Ready to explore working with a professional podcast editor? Schedule a call with East Coast Studio today to find out if we’d be a good fit!

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Profits Through Podcasting Webinar

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