The time has finally come: Spotify has opened its podcast directory to all podcasters!

Once upon a time, Spotify only allowed hand-picked podcasts on its platform. That is to say, there was no real way for the little guy podcaster to submit their podcast for inclusion to be available for Spotify users.

The next phase after that as Spotify slowly started opening the gates was that your podcast had to be hosted on one of their approved platforms to be eligible for submission. This was an extensive list, although it meant that anybody not on one of these platforms (such as those hosting on WordPress) could not submit their podcast for consideration.

Finally, although still in beta, Spotify has opened submissions to all podcasters. This means that essentially as long as you have a podcast RSS feed, no matter the host, you can be submitted to Spotify and hopefully be approved to be shown in their podcast directory on the Spotify app.

This is great news for all podcasters, yet another large platform and a way to be discovered by millions of listeners + make it easier for your listeners to enjoy what you do. The more accessible your podcast is, the better!

As Spotify has worked towards this, they have often been quite backed up and slow to approve submissions. So, at present time, we’re not completely sure of the timeline for approvals. It’s safe to say that they have not yet reached the timelines of other services such as iTunes, where podcasts are usually approved within a few business days.

It’s also too early to say at this point how stringent Spotify will be. The existing biggest podcast directories iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, and Stitcher have all been very accepting of podcasts. That is to say, as long as you met the technical requirements, your podcast would be approved. We’re not sure yet if Spotify will behave the same way, or if they plan to only accept certain content.

Looking to have your podcast submitted to Spotify? Check out Spotify for Podcasters (you’ll need a Spotify account) or simply contact East Coast Studio and we’ll be happy to help.