Your podcast’s description displays front and center on most podcasting platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. How can you entice new listeners to tune in and write a description for your podcast that pops? If you’re wondering how to write a podcast description for the best results, you’re in the right place.


What is a Podcast Description?

Similar to the blurb on the back of a book or movie, a podcast description is a brief overview of what your podcast is about. A podcast description is different from an episode description (aka show notes), although those are also important! The description is a summary of your show as a whole and should be written with your intended audience in mind. Think about who your listeners are and who you want to listen to your show. Then, be sure to optimize your description with relevant SEO keywords.


Essential Things to Include in A Podcast Description

There are several things every good podcast description should include. We’ve already talked about SEO and your target audience, but what else do you need? You’ll need a pitchy and succinct summary of what your show is about – one or two sentences will do.

Next, answer the question potential listeners are asking when they land on your show: “why should I listen to this?” Explain what listeners are gaining by tuning in. Include phrases that relate your experience to the listener. Things like “industry expert”, “lifelong fan” or “x amount of years experience” will give your prospective listeners a sense of confidence in your authority. If you aren’t an expert, not to worry! Just make sure you come across as relatable and showcase your passion for the topic.


How Long Should a Podcast Description Be?

Keep it as short and concise as possible. Depending on your media host, the available character limit may vary, though there are varying standards across the different platforms. Make sure you know how much room you have, and more importantly, think about how much you actually need. Just because there’s a huge blank box to fill doesn’t mean you have to completely fill it! The most important thing is that your description is snappy and gets the gist of the show across to potential listeners within a few sentences. Four to six sentences is typically good.


Call To Action

Finally, make sure to include a call to action at the end of the description. End with a simple sentence asking listeners to check back on whichever day you post your show, or encourage them to press play on the episode to hear more.


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