Less Is More When Writing Scripts

When it comes to writing scripts for radio commercials, less is more!

While it may seem like cramming as many words as possible into 30 seconds is a good way to get your monies worth, the opposite is true.

Your message will come across much more effectively with a clear, concise script that can be read at a proper pace, rather than being rushed to fit everything in.

If you really find that everything “needs” to be in the script, consider splitting it up, and making two separate commercials instead.

You can notice this problem sometimes when a business is new to radio, they are so excited to share their message. The ad will be full of “we offer this, this.. and this! Don’t forget about gift certificates for those special occasions! And there’s lots of parking! And visit us on Facebook!”… It’s too much!

Enlist the help of a trustworthy copywriter, and take their advice!

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