East Coast Studio is starting off 2019 by making your life easier!

We’ve launched a simple new order / price quote form for you.

If you’re new here and just looking around, you’re welcome to use the form to calculate a price quote and delivery time. Simply proceed through the form, enter the details and services you’re looking for, and at the end you’ll get a price quote. There’s no personal data required and no commitment, you’ll simply see a price at the end. At that point, should you decide to place an order, you can go ahead and submit your files and we’ll get to work.

The form allows you to choose from our many podcasting services, such as:


You can choose from basic or advanced editing.

Basic editing:

  • Fix/delete up to 3 mistakes (timestamps provided by you).
  • Insertion of intro, outro, and commercials.
  • Basic noise/echo reduction as needed.
  • Audio mastering for optimal quality.

Advanced editing:

  • Includes everything from basic editing.
  • We listen to the entire episode, removing ums, filler words, mistakes, pauses, and more.
  • Improves flow of speech and reduces length.
  • Provides a more professional sound.

Show Notes

Quality show notes motivate listeners to tune in, while ensuring that your podcast can be indexed by search engines and discovered by more people!


An Audiogram is a great way to share bite-sized podcast clips and grab attention on social media. We’ll combine your show artwork with a 60 second audio clip from the episode and animated captions, which you can then post on any social platform and encourage people to check out your full episode.

Video Version

By default, episodes are delivered as 128k MP3 audio files.

If you would also like your episode delivered as a video file paired with your artwork, you may request this option.

Delivery Method

By default, we’ll return your file(s) via e-mail notification with Dropbox download link. If you’d prefer, we can upload to your website/media host of choice such as Podbean, Libsyn, etc.


While this new form is designed to make your life easier, we highly recommend getting in touch with us directly as well! The form is just one method of doing things. If you speak with us, we can discuss other options such as bulk discounts, automated delivery with Dropbox, etc. We love finding ways to save time and make your podcasting life easier.