Possibly the Most Important Copywriting Secret

There are many best practices to consider when writing an effective radio script. Perhaps the most important is realizing that the listener cares only about themselves, not about the client.

Far too often businesses will spend money on airtime and run a script with an opening line that immediately causes the listener to stop caring. How many radio commercials have you heard with an opening line like “Joe’s Hardware Store has been in business for 20 years and knows all about hardware!”? This may sound great to Joe who is spending his hard-earned money on radio ads, but the goal is not to impress Joe. The goal is to drive traffic and sales.

A good radio ad will enter the listeners mind and help solve a problem they are having. Think of some common issues one may encounter visiting a hardware store. Can’t find what you need? No staff around to help? Nothing in stock? Let’s create an ad that offers a solution.

“We’ve all been there.. that simple DIY project which was only supposed to take 20 minutes is now into its second day, and your patience ran out long ago! Get it done with a quick visit Joe’s Hardware Store. Our staff are homeowners, too!…”

An opening like that is much more effective. You’ve related to the listener. Offered a solution to their problem.

It’s things like this that make a professional copywriter so important!

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