Every podcaster should use social media to drive listeners to their podcast. Nothing groundbreaking there! But, do you know what audiograms are and that they’re one of the top ways to promote your podcast on socials?

An audiogram is an animated video clip featuring your podcast artwork or guest image, an audio clip, and animated captions. They can be posted on Instagram (feed and Reels), Facebook, LinkedIn, or anywhere else that allows video uploading.

Video has become so important social media, so it’s only natural you should be using it to help promote your podcast. On most platforms, videos play automatically. One downside is that the audio is sometimes muted. So, if you simply post a video clip of your podcast artwork and audio, many people won’t even notice it. Audiograms fix this problem because they include captions to catch attention of social media users as they scroll, even if their volume is down.

When posting an audiogram, you should also provide instructions in the description about how to listen to the full episode. If users like what they see/hear, they can click through to check out your full episode, or view and start following your profile.

We have asked our clients about their social media presence. Mostly all of them say that they get much more interaction with audiograms versus regular text or image posts! Statistics from social media managers support these claims as well.

Check out some of the samples below.


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