East Coast Studio is proud to announce the launch of our new podcast education and optimization brand Podcast Propeller.

Working in the podcast space with hundreds of podcasters has provided us a wealth of information.

We also noticed the same common mistakes and questions from podcasters, over and over. That led us to realize that the knowledge we have obtained is super useful. Things which had become second-nature to us were not so obvious to new podcasters at all! No duh! Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

We’re always happy to provide answers and advice to clients when asked, and spend many hours a week doing just that. However, we eventually found ourselves with two predicaments:

  1. There are only so many hours in a day. If there’s such a demand for this information, maybe there’s a more efficient way to provide it?
  2. Many questions are either not being asked at all, or should have been asked earlier in the podcasting process. How can we help people sooner so they achieve success faster?

It became clear that the next logical step was the one-to-many model of an online course.


But What Would We Teach?

A Bunch of Random Podcast Knowledge 101? How to Replace a Window After Throwing Your Microphone Through It 101?

No. Although we’re saving those ideas for future courses.

We know the questions podcasters have. They’re our clients, and they’re asking us. When delving into podcasting, there’s a lot to learn. Most of us have never even spoken into a microphone before, let alone purchased one and learned how to use it. By the time you bring hosting, recording, show notes, social media, and everything else into the picture, it’s, well, it’s a lot of things.

By far, most of the inquiries usually center around marketing.

Questions like:

  • Do I need show notes or a transcript or both?
  • How do I put this on my website?
  • Can I make money from podcasting?
  • How do I get listeners?

All those and more, plus questions that nobody even knows to ask, exemplifying the old adage “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Finding out that a podcaster is disappointed in listener numbers after a year of creating content, but made a crucial mistake on their website so nobody could find them, makes us tear up. Is somebody cutting onions in here?



Connecting the dots led us to the theme of marketing.

Courses had already been done on launching podcasts and editing podcasts, but nowhere could we seem to find a decent course that tied together all the loose ends or answered the most common fundamental questions we were hearing.

And so, Podcast Marketing 101 was born. The very first course from Podcast Propeller.

Many of our clients are the DIY entrepreneur type. They stay up until 3am learning and figuring things out. There’s no marketing agency, back office team, or assistant. They’re hustling, running their social media, booking their podcast guests, and making their business work. They needed the important answers all in one place, in a concise format. That’s what we’ve delivered.


1 Million and Counting…

With over 1 million podcasts now on Apple’s Podcast directory, it is clear that the days of “build it and they will come” are over for podcasting. Motivated podcasters understand that there’s more to running a successful podcast than simply creating the episodes, but may not be sure exactly what to do or where to get the answers.

To have any hope of succeeding in the podcast world and achieving the audience growth you desire, it’s imperative that every aspect of your podcast be on point. The natural evolution of this crowded space, now that “everybody” has a podcast, is optimizing so that yours stands out.

Podcast Marketing 101 lays the foundation so you can do just that.

Podcast Assessments & Coaching

With the introduction of the Podcast Marketing 101 course, we’re able to help many more people than ever would have been practical one-on-one.

This allows us more time to work more closely with podcasters who have the strongest desire to achieve success.

With Podcast Propeller’s podcast assessment service, we can spend one-on-one time scrutinizing every single detail of a podcast and uncovering areas for improvement.

As well, for those who don’t require an assessment but simply have questions that our professional team can answer, we’re offering coaching calls as well. These are also useful for followups and continuous accountability after having an initial podcast assessment.


Business as Unusual

As for East Coast Studio, don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. This is not a takeover, merger, bankruptcy, or scandal. We’re here for you as always. In fact, we’ve been busy with some projects of our own such as improved invoicing and additional service offerings. Be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay in the loop! Oh right, the newsletter is brand new, too.


But Wait, There’s More!

What’s that? You want Podcast Marketing 101, but you want the “friend discount”?

How rude of us not to offer!

Let’s make a deal… We’re offering a limited time introductory discount to you for reading this page.

Buy now and get $100 USD off Podcast Marketing 101. This deal ends June 30, 2020 and will never happen again.

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Happy Podcasting!