ATTENTION: 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs who want to grow their business using a podcast

Here’s How To Get Your Podcast Production Handled So You Can Free up Time To…

Grow Your Business.

The Dirty Secret About “Scaling Up” That Most Entrepreneurs Aren’t Ready to Hear


Ready for the cold water?

The truth is you’re likely spinning your wheels in your business because you’re wearing too many hats.

You want and need to create podcast content. Podcasting generates leads and makes you an authority.

But all that time spent editing, producing, and writing isn’t your passion.

Your team should be busy growing your business.

So, what’s a future thought leader like you to do?

Put your podcast production on autopilot, but with the attention to detail and quality assurance that professional humans provide.

“I’ll just do it myself” doesn’t work.

“Just 20 more minutes” you assure the kids.

Running your own business was supported to lead to freedom. But you’re missing out on yet another family movie night.

How can you possibly leave a legacy and make an impact? You’re constantly bogged down with tasks you know you shouldn’t be doing.

You and your team should be spending this precious time on the meaningful stuff.

You know podcasting is a surefire way to attract consistent, quality leads. But the editing, the show notes, the audiograms – it all takes up way too much time.

Outsourcing and juggling only led you to declare “If I want this done right, I have to do it myself.”

This is why I assembled a small team of professionals who specialize in each step of the podcast production process.

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing you can hand off your podcast production and not have to worry about it being done right.

I’ll pay, I just want someone who I can trust to do it right! 


Imagine delegating your podcast workflow to a team who not only saves you insane amounts of time, but also makes your podcast better than ever.

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Social Graphics


Show Notes



On-Time Guarantee

What People Are Saying

“Joel has made launching my podcast EASY! After struggling with this for years, seriously, years, Joel helped with every step to get me to launch. Thank you!”

– Mary Clements, PODCAST NAME

“Joel literally knocked it out of the park for us. What had been laborious and difficult for us seemed to be a breeze for Joel. Not only that, but the quality is *chef’s kiss* wonderful. Recommend 10 out of 10 times. Will be a repeat customer!”


Your Satisfaction is…


I want you to be absolutely blown away by just how easy podcasting can be – and I think you will be.

That’s why I’m willing to drastically reduce the cost for you through this page only and give you a $300 suite of services one-time for just $99 so you can try us out.

Full Episode Edit

Show Notes

Social Media Graphic

2 Social Media Audiograms

Uploading to your podcast host

If for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re not over-the-moon excited with the finished product, I’ll refund every penny or make the alterations to make it right. Whichever you prefer.


You really can’t lose with this one.

Let’s build something great together


I love working with podcasters who have been doing this for a while and are committed to the process.

Please note that my preference is not for one-and-done projects or sporadic episodes a few times a year. We only work with a handful of regular clients with whom we can really dig in and build something incredible with.

Upload your audio files and any other details through the simple portal, and we’ll handle the rest. On time. Quality work. Every time. It doesn’t get any better than this.

If you’re looking to put your podcast production on autopilot for the long-term, free up time, and focus on growing your business, click the button below now!

To your success

– Joel


We’re only able to accept a few new clients per month


What services does the package include?
  • Full Episode Edit
  • Show Notes
  • Social Media Graphic
  • 2 Social Media Audiograms
  • Uploading to your podcast host
What does the episode editing cover?
  • Episodes up to 60 minutes in length
  • Adding in your supplied intro/outro/ad/music
  • Basic noise/echo reduction
  • Up to 3 timestamped edit requests
  • Reduction of ums/ahs, stumbles, mistakes, and long pauses
  • Mastering the audio so you sound clear and professional
What format are the show notes?

Show notes are a 250-300 word paragraph-style summary of the episode.

What are the social graphics and audiograms?

Audiograms are a short video clip containing 30-60sec of preview audio from your podcast, combined with artwork and animated captions of the dialogue.

For each episode we’ll design a square and story-shaped graphic, and use them to create 2 different audiograms in both sizes. 

Do you work with video podcasts?

No, we work only with audio podcasts.

I want to work with you but don't need all the services

Please e-mail us for further information.

How soon will everything be ready?

Everything will be finished and in your hands for review and approval within 5 days from order submission. We work 7 days a week and do not offer any rush or express service, but we do guarantee to always deliver by the specified deadline.