Got a podcaster in your life who you’d like to surprise this Christmas? We’ll give you some great gift ideas in our Podcaster’s Christmas Gift Guide!

Heads up – podcasting equipment can be technical and vary in a number of ways. Depending on the exact item, it may or may not be compatible with existing equipment that this podcaster friend of yours already has, or may be redundant or not even needed.

With that in mind, you’ll want to:

  • Do some research and ensure you’re getting something they can actually use
  • Be aware if they drop any hints of what they do want
  • Ensure the item is returnable
  • Consider asking them exactly what they’d like
  • Just buy them a gift card

We’ll do our best to provide relevant info in the Podcaster’s Christmas Gift Guide, but it’s impossible to cover all situations and scenarios.

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Under $20


Microphone Pop Shield

Microphone pop shields help reduce the popping of plosive sounds when saying things like “perhaps my podcaster pal prefers practical podcasting presents.”

These are fairly universal and compatible with nearly all microphones. Some microphones, however, already have this built in and just don’t need an external pop shield. In that case, there’s no real downside to using an external shield still, but the gift would be redundant. As well, some microphones have custom pop shields available which fit better and look sleeker.

Microphone Boom Arm

If your podcaster has a microphone sitting on a desk or table, they may enjoy the luxury of having a boom arm instead. These allow the mic to be positioned closer to the mouth, moved around for comfort, and help reduce vibration noise.

These are fairly universal as well. As long as the microphone being used has a standard 3/8″ or 5/8″ threading, a boom like the one we’ve linked will work. Just be sure your podcaster has a place to clamp it on. If you’re looking to spend a little more, there are a variety of booms available.


Under $60



Headphones come in such a wide variety of prices that they could be included in any of the categories here. If the podcaster on your Christmas list uses some cheap earbuds, they may appreciate a nicer, comfier set of professional headphones.

Things to keep in mind? Since headphones are all up in your grill, people will be sensitive to things like fit, tone, audio quality, and more. They’re highly personal and preferences vary from person to person. If your podcaster doesn’t have a proper microphone, but was using earbuds with a built-in mic, you’ll want to ensure the new pair of headphones has the same feature.


Marantz Pro M4U Microphone

A simple microphone in the Podcast's Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Is your podcaster podcasting without a decent microphone? If they’re just using earbuds or the built-in microphone in their laptop, even a lower-budget mic will be a big improvement. We love the Marantz Pro M4U because for under $50 USD you get a good quality mic plus a desktop stand.

As an added bonus, this mic can be connected by either USB or traditional XLR connector. Most microphones are one or the other, but in this case it can be used standalone via USB connection or in a multi-microphone setup. This is sweet because it allows for future growth without having to replace equipment.


Acoustic Foam Panels

Your podcaster already has all the gadgets they need for podcasting? Maybe some acoustic panels would bring their setup to the next level. Almost every space has echo, especially when recording at home or in other areas not purpose-built for podcasting. Adding some acoustic foam to the room can help cut down echo and sound reflections, making their podcast sound even better.


Under $200


Zoom PodTrak M4

The PodTrak M4 is a super-cool new device that forms the basis of a 1-4 microphone podcasting setup. It’s compact, affordable, and makes recording a breeze. One or more microphones with XLR connections would be needed to connect to the PodTrak. If you’re looking for something with a built-in microphone instead, check out the Zoom H4n instead.


Blue Yeti USB Microphone

The list wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate podcaster microphone, the Blue Yeti USB. Sure to be written on many lists addressed to Santa this year, the Blue Yeti is an affordable, versatible, and easy-to-use microphone best-suited for a single voice, but does have settings for multiple voices as well. If your podcaster wants to graduate from a lower quality microphone up to something more substantial, this is a good move.

Note that only 1 USB microphone can be used at a time, so don’t buy this hoping to add a second mic to an existing setup.


Under $500


Shure MV7

The best microphone in the Podcaster's Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Excuse us while we clean the drool off our keyboard. The nicest microphone in the Podcaster’s Christmas Gift Guide, the Shure MV7 is a newly-launched USB microphone inspired by the classic SM7B. Making a name for itself in broadcast over the years, the SM7B’s warm sound is now even more accessible to podcasters. Requiring a simple USB connection, you can plug-and-play and sound incredible within minutes of tearing off the wrapping paper. It also has an XLR output, too! (We actually asked Santa for one of these… hopefully we’re on the nice list.) Annual Plan

Is your podcaster using an inferior online platform to record remote interviews? Squadcast was designed specifically for podcasters to ensure the best audio quality. It’s easy to use for both the host and guest. Squadcast has a couple of tiers where you can pay annually, so your podcaster friend can think of you all year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Zoom LiveTrak L-8

For the serious podcaster with a variety of microphones and input sources, there’s the Zoom LiveTrak L-8. Most suitable for dedicated studio setups, this is sure to put a grin on the face of any podcaster on Christmas morning. Note that this device won’t be of much use on its own. At minimum, one XLR microphone would be needed to connect to it. The L-8 may be overkill in many situations, so be sure to figure out if it’s something your podcaster friend really needs, or if a lower-cost device will handle the job just as well.


And there you have it, some gift ideas for the 2020 Podcaster’s Christmas Gift Guide. Still not sure? A gift card might be a good idea!

Looking for something lower-cost? Any podcaster would love to have an episode shared on social media or get a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts. After all, it is the thought that counts, and Christmas is really about spending quality time with your favorite podcaster.

Merry Christmas!

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Free Podcast Checkup PDF

Learn 6 quick, essential ways to ensure your podcast is running at peak performance.

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