It can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated, even when it comes to something you enjoy. If you’ve ever found it difficult to muster up the energy to continue your podcast, that’s podfade. We’ve all experienced burnout before, and podfade is exactly that – podcast burnout. Not to worry! We’ve got some advice for you on how you can proactively avoid podfade, and how you can shake it if you’re already feeling down in the podcast dumps.

Preventing Podfade

These are some things you can consider, whether you’re just about to begin podcasting or already have been at it for a while.

Do I like the topic I’m podcasting about?

The easiest way to avoid podfade is to be genuinely interested in what your podcast is about. Who wants to discuss something they don’t really care for? If you don’t like your podcast’s subject matter, podfade is inevitable.

Why am I podcasting?

This is strongly related to the first question. Some positive reasons to begin podcasting include having a desire to improve your speaking skills and wanting to discuss a topic you find interesting. If you’re motivated by something like this, that’s a great start in preventing podfade! If you just want to build a following or have profit as an end goal, you will be massively disappointed if that doesn’t happen as soon as you would like.

Can I keep up with my podcast’s schedule?

Some podcasters have no problem pumping out one or two episodes a week. For others, that’s a large commitment and one that they just don’t have the time for. Consistency is key, but it’s harmful to raise listener expectations by promising so many episodes and then not delivering. If you think you won’t be able to follow a certain schedule, then don’t! Releasing even just one episode each month is still consistent. Remember, this works both ways: there are plenty of listeners who only have time to listen to one episode per month! That said, we do recommend more frequent releases for best results.

It’s common to see podcasters bite off more than they can chew, planning to do 2 or 3 episodes per week but quickly becoming overwhelmed. Instead, stick to something more sustainable and you’ll have a better chance of making it long-term. 3 episodes a week is almost a month’s worth if you publish weekly. That’s a lot of extra work and it’s no wonder many people can’t keep up!

Am I getting the help I need?

Simply recording an episode may only take an hour or so. Still, you might find there are many tasks to be done before that episode is ready for released. It needs to be edited, it needs to have accompanying show notes, it needs to be uploaded… this can quickly become overwhelming! If you just want to record your episode and hand off the rest of these tasks to someone else, that’s perfectly normal. Make sure you get some help to get these duties off of your plate!

How to Overcome Podfade

Maybe you’ve already been podcasting for a long time and you’ve been feeling the podfade setting in. Don’t worry, there are some things you can do to get out of this rut. Podfade can often result in complete podcast demise, so take action now!

Ask Yourself the Above Questions

Yes, the questions that are worth considering before starting your podcast are still worth asking now. Are you releasing episodes too often? Do you need help with editing? Addressing these issues can make your podcast burnout quickly disappear!

Take a Break

Just like at work, it’s okay to take some time away from podcasting! Before taking a break, make sure you let your listeners know so that they aren’t wondering where you are or worse, unsubscribing because they think you’ve abandoned them.

Remind Yourself of Your Purpose

If you’re finding yourself in a monotony of recording and releasing, you’ve probably forgotten about the reason that you’re doing this in the first place. Do you want an outlet for one of your passions? Are you trying to inspire others? Do you want to connect with like-minded people? Determine what your “why” is and evaluate if it has changed. It’s okay to transition from one “why” to another; just make sure you’re coming from a genuine, honest place!

Find New Inspiration

Getting inspired again doesn’t have to be difficult! Maybe there’s someone who you look up to as a figurehead of the content that your podcast covers. Ask that person to be a guest! Hearing their thoughts first-hand might be enough to foster some new inspiration in your podcast.

Remember that Growth Takes Time

If you started podcasting with the hopes of generating money or more leads for your business, remember that these things take time. There are never any guarantees, but nothing comes easy in life. Be prepared to hang in there for 1-2 years or more and put in lots of hard work. If you’ve only been doing it for a few months, don’t worry if you haven’t yet seen the results you dreamt of. But remember, this needs to be something that you’re committed to for the long-haul.

How Can East Coast Studio Help?

East Coast Studio can relieve you of many of your responsibilities as a podcast host. For example, you can send us your recording, and we’ll take of everything to get it uploaded and in the ears of your listeners! From editing, to show notes, uploading and more, book a no-pressure call with us and learn how East Coast Studio can help keep your podcast flame burning bright!

Profits Through Podcasting Webinar

Learn the 5 Strategic Shifts 6-Figure Podcasters Make To Get High-Profit Clients and Save Hours Each Week

Profits Through Podcasting Webinar

Learn the 5 Strategic Shifts 6-Figure Podcasters Make To Get High-Profit Clients
and Save Hours Each Week