At East Coast Studio we’ve written plenty of articles on how to achieve great audio quality for your podcast, but have you ever wondered why this is actually important?

While it’s easy to assume that poor audio quality reflects poorly on your brand and authority, we now have some eye-opening research and data from the University of Southern California to back up the claim.

The Impression of Audio

The importance of quality audio extends beyond just podcasting. In today’s connected world, whether it’s a job interview, sales call, or business meeting, we have a variety of situations where audio quality can give a positive or negative impression.

The research indicates that quality audio helps the audience perceive you as smarter, more competent, and more likeable. On the other hand, poor quality audio creates a negative bias towards you. An experiment that had viewers rate two versions of two different online video presentations found that the videos ranked lower across all measured metrics when audio quality was poor.

Importance of Quality Podcast Audio

While the research didn’t look at podcasts specifically, we can certainly infer that the same principles apply to them. Quality audio is more enjoyable to listen to and gives a better overall impression.

It’s important, especially if you’re a professional or business, to ensure your podcast sounds as good as possible. This means you should use a quality microphone and always wear headphones. Also, record in a quiet space and use a stable internet connection. Your audience will thank and reward you for producing a great-sounding podcast.

Unsure if your audio is good or not? Need some help selecting and purchasing audio equipment that will work for your specific needs? East Coast Studio’s founder is a graduate from Canada’s top audio-engineering school and understands audio inside out. Get in touch with us today.

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