Podcast Services

Get a professional team on your side for as little as $50 per episode.

Podcast Editing

Your podcast’s quality is a reflection of your brand.

East Coast Studio will ensure your podcast radiates professionalism and confidence.

We’ll take every episode from start to finish by:

Fixing/deleting any mistakes or retakes
Reducing ums, stutters, and long pauses
Adding your intro/outro/commercials
Mastering the audio for quality and consistency

Podcast Launch & Consulting

While podcasting has a fairly low barrier to entry, getting started can still be intimidating!

Most importantly, is your podcast coming across as amateur or professional?

East Coast Studio has helped hundreds of podcasters on their magic podcast ride.

Your podcast only gets one first impression. We’ll ensure it’s perfect.

Additional Podcast Services

Focus on what’s important: creating great content.

Trust East Coast Studio with your entire podcast workflow and save hours each week.

Other services include:

Show notes
Episode graphics

We’re Audio People

Bad audio is one of the top reasons people stop listening to podcasts.

Long before the editing process, quality audio starts with a great recording. Working with East Coast Studio means you’ll get one-on-one advice from an actual audio engineer in Canada. We can remotely help you select and set up equipment, optimize your recording process, and protect your brand’s reputation.

Don’t just hit record and hope for the best. You can afford to sound this good.