Should you edit your podcast on your own? Great question!

One of the great things about podcasting is that, for a relatively small amount of money and a few hours reading and watching tutorials, even the most technically inept person can be up and running with a decent sounding podcast!

Usually, when we’re brought on board as a podcast editor, it is a result of one of two situations:

  1. New podcast starting and seeking an editor
  2. Existing podcast transitioning from “DIY” editing


If you’re a hobbyist podcaster with time to spare and no real budget or expectation of profit, DIY editing is likely sufficient for as long as you see fit. If you’d like that extra¬†edge in production quality and can afford it, then certainly go ahead and consult a pro editor!

Where we most often see podcasters start out by handling editing duties themselves, and then moving to a professional editor, is those who start a podcast for business or branding purposes. They are able to get up and running on their own, but as the podcast grows and they become more familiar with the process, it becomes more apparent that their time may be better spent on other things such as creating great content. It’s no secret that a professional editor can get things done in a much shorter time frame than a novice. So, even though it’s possible for most people to handle editing, they come to realize how much easier life is when they can simply do the recording, and send it to an editor! It’s common for us to hear “Wow, I would spend hours trying to edit, become frustrated, and was never completely happy with the result.” Many also assumed they could never afford to hire an editor, but after chatting with us, quickly saw that it was within their budget and there was great value in outsourcing.

For businesses or outlets with a larger budget, they will generally hire an editor from the get-go. Especially for established brands, it’s important not to “cheap out” and publish a podcast that poorly reflects on the brand or business.

Not only have we helped podcasters focus their time on creating great content while we handle the editing, we’ve also been able to help improve their podcast by making content suggestions and even helping tweak their recording setup for much better quality.

Spend your time doing what’s most important, and let us handle your podcast editing! Contact East Coast today for a custom quote. It’s more affordable than you’d think!