The audio quality of your podcast has a huge impact on retaining an audience, and makes the difference between sounding professional – or sounding like a bedroom newbie. There’s nothing wrong with recording in a bedroom (but nobody has to know!). Here are some simple tips to ensure your podcast recording sounds great!

The basics of a professional sounding podcast are a well-produced intro and outro, consistent audio levels, good recording quality, low levels of background noise, and no bad audio edits or long periods of silence.

Great sounding podcasts start at the beginning with a good recording. Equipment properly setup, levels adjusted well, and in a decent sounding room. We can improve nearly any quality audio, but it’s much easier to start out with a good recording rather than trying to fix it all later. East Coast Studio is happy to help you get your equipment setup and adjusted properly.

Your intro and outro are essentially the brand for your podcast, and set the stage. It’s important to have a brief message at the beginning explaining what the podcast is, and give a great impression that listeners should stay tuned in.

Consistent audio levels means that the volume remains constant among individual guests, and any pre-recorded clips or other audio content. Nothing should be extremely lower or louder than anything else. Manual level adjustment, compression, and final mastering / EQ will achieve this.

Background noise or echo can come from a large echoey room, equipment such as computer fans nearby or being close to a road. We have tools to reduce these problems but again, a great recording from the start is extremely important.

East Coast Radio Creative can help will all aspects of making your podcast sound great. Beyond just audio editing, we can provide advice on recording, help get you listed on iTunes, provide feedback on your hosting skills, and much more! Spend your time focused on content, and leave the technical stuff up to us!