When it comes to podcasting, the more listeners, the better! That’s why it’s a good idea to ask Apple to promote your podcast.

Whatever your specific goal as a podcaster may be, you’re striving to build and grow the largest audience possible. Promoting your podcast can involve many different strategies. From showcasing your podcast on social media, to buying paid advertising and being listed on the various podcast directories.

Of particular interest are free methods of promoting your podcast, and figuring out how to get the highest possible number of podcast listeners while being efficient with your time.

Many podcasters dream of being highlighted on Apple Podcasts, the holy grail of podcast directories. For a long time, achieving this was largely a mystery, but now Apple offers podcasters the opportunity to submit their podcast for consideration to be showcased in front of the millions of Apple Podcasts users.

Using the Apple Podcasts Promotional Request Form, you can kindly ask Apple to consider your podcast to be considered for promotion on Apple Podcasts by their team of editors and curators.

But wait, don’t submit just yet! Read on to first learn the 4 podcast optimization tips Apple suggests to ensure your podcast is in top shape.


Apple Podcasts Optimization Tip #1

While Apple suggests anybody can use their podcast promotional request form to ask for promotion across Apple Podcasts, they note the following as things they’re normally looking for in promotion-worthy content:

  • Entertaining
  • Fresh perspectives
  • An unforgettable story
  • Stimulating conversations
  • Insight on niche or topical issues
  • A compelling benefit for paid subscribers

Apple also offers some specific tips on how to fill out your podcast promotion request form. This highlights the need to strike a balance between including enough but not too much information. Among their tips are to include a compelling subject line, a brief background on the hosts and guests, an overview of marketing plans, and a description of any paid subscriber benefits. Check out the full list here.


Apple Podcasts Optimization Tip #2

The next podcast optimization tip from Apple involves your podcast’s artwork. To learn some of the basic requirements for podcast artwork on Apple Podcasts, check here and here. You may also be interested in our article ‘5 Elements of Great Podcast Artwork‘.

Keep in mind that your artwork says a lot about your show. In many cases, it’s a key deciding factor in whether a potential listener clicks on your show or not. Ensure your podcast artwork clearly communicates what your podcast is about. It should be visually captivating and give a professional impression before you ask Apple to promote your podcast.


Apple Podcasts Optimization Tip #3

Here, Apple gives some interesting insight on how they’d like podcast episode titles to be used across the platform. They’re speaking in context of submitting your podcast episode for promotional consideration, but these best practices are appreciated by Apple at all times.

Apple suggests writing titles in a way that intrigues potential listeners, omitting episode numbers, and keeping things concise. Find the full rundown of how to craft the perfect episode title according to Apple here.


Apple Podcasts Optimization Tip #4

Apple’s final tip to consider when submitting your podcast for promotional consideration is timing. This includes Apple’s own lead time, your marketing plans, and even the news cycle. Is there an optimal time to submit and promote this particular episode? Is your content very topical today but will be irrelevant in weeks to come when Apple could have approved your episode for promotion?


Being Featured on Apple Podcasts

Those are all the things you need to think about before you ask Apple to promote your podcast. You may have always wished to be featured on Apple Podcasts, and now it’s more possible than ever before. Keep in mind Apple receives a high number of requests and can’t accept everybody, but they do recommend re-submitting every 6-8 weeks if you don’t hear back. Just be sure to review their optimization suggestions to increase your chances!

Ready to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts for promotional consideration? You’ll find the form here.

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Profits Through Podcasting Webinar

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