If you’re in the market for one of these integrated podcast recording devices, you may be wondering the differences between the Zoom Podtrak P8 vs RODECaster Pro.

When RODE launched the RODECaster Pro, it was the first of its kind. A purpose-built podcast production studio with a variety of useful features designed to make podcasting simple, right out of the box.

While the RODECaster is a good choice in a variety of situations, we were excited to see what Zoom had to offer.

Note: This article is referring to the original RODECaster Pro, not the new Pro II launched in 2022. Check out our article here on the RODECaster Pro 2.


An Overall Look

Before getting into the details of how the RODECaster Pro and the Zoom Podtrak 8 compare, let’s take a quick look at these devices from afar.

Both are designed to be an all-in-one podcast production studio in which recording and audio processing can take place. Rather than needing a computer and audio interface, these devices make the process easier. You can simply connect your microphones and hit record.

Each also offers a very easy way to record phone calls and create headphone mixes. Podcasters can trigger sound effects, bumpers, intro/outros, etc.

In these ways, the devices are effectively the same and both can get the job done.



Let’s get price out of the way before we compare some specific features between the Zoom Podtrak P8 vs RODECaster Pro.

The RODECaster Pro retails for $599 USD while Zoom’s Podtrak P8 goes for $499 USD.

While there’s a clear winner in terms of price, there’s much more to consider when picking the correct device for you.


Feature Comparison

Now that we know what each device has in common, and the price, what’s different about the Zoom Podtrak P8 vs RODECaster Pro? This is perhaps the most important section and will inform your final decision in which to purchase.


RODECasterProZoom Podtrak P8
Microphone Inputs46
Headphone Outputs4 x 1/4″6 x 1/8″ Mini
Studio Monitor OutputsTRS L/R 1/4″TRS L/R 1/4″
Wired Call RecordingTRRS Mini / USBTRRS Mini / USB
Bluetooth Call RecordingYesOptional $49 Adapter
SFX Pads64 (8 x 8 banks)36 (9 x 4 banks)
PowerAC Adapter or Optional USB AdapterUSB, AC Adapter or 4 x AA Batteries
Built-In EditingNoYes
StoragemicroSD or DAW RecordingmicroSD or DAW Recording


As you can see above, with some optional accessories, the price of the RODECaster ends up at $619 and the Podtrak P8 at $548 by an apples-to-apples comparison. This really only is important if you require Bluetooth connectivity or battery operation.

The Podtrak P8 has some very simple editing functions built in, whereas the RODECaster does not.

The Podtrak P8 has 2 extra microphone inputs over the RODECaster, but 6 using microphones at once is fairly uncommon. If using the USB input on the Podtrak P8 it removes one of the XLR inputs, leaving 5 instead of 6.

Beyond these hard specifications, there’s debate over which unit is “better” for various reasons. Some prefer the interface or audio processing of one vs the other. Video users may like that the RODECaster has a 48 kHz sample rate. We personally prefer Zoom’s support and documentation over what RODE is offering.


Conclusion: Zoom Podtrak P8 vs RODECaster Pro

So, which unit is better? It all depends. Effectively, they are pretty darn similar at the end of the day.

Based on the above listed features, you may find one is better for your situation than the other, be it due to price or some other feature.

Beyond that, it’s mostly a debate that will come down to personal preference.

If your situation necessitates one of these types of devices, then you likely cannot go wrong with either.

Before purchasing, you should check our article on why you DON’T need a RODECaster Pro. Some podcasters run out and purchase one of these devices despite it being complete overkill. You may end up spending way more than is needed.

If you’ve determined that the RODECaster Pro or Podtrak P8 is the type of device you need, we hope this article has been helpful in making the final decision.

Also, if you’re looking for something a little smaller, check out the Zoom Podtrak P4.


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