I Can’t See My New Episode on Apple Podcasts

If you’ve just published a new episode through your podcast hosting but can’t see it on Apple Podcasts, there is likely no reason to worry!

There are essentially two different ways to view Apple Podcasts. One being Apple Podcasts Preview, and another being what subscribers will get.

It’s not uncommon for these two to be different, due to the way Apple caches its Apple Podcasts Preview view. In a nutshell, the Apple Podcasts Preview that you see in a browser, at your Apple Podcasts link, and even in the Apple Podcasts app when not subscribed, is not updated instantly. It is a saved copy which Apple has on hand and updates periodically, anywhere from a few to 24 hours. Possibly even longer if you haven’t posted an episode in a while.

So, when you post a new episode, the Apple Podcasts Preview likely hasn’t updated right away, and therefore you will see the page as missing your new episode. Check back later and it will have appeared.

Separate from this is what actual subscribers experience. Those who are subscribed, even through Apple Podcasts, get their device updated from your live RSS feed. This means that as soon as you publish the episode (barring any unforeseen issues or delays from your host), it is available immediately. When a subscriber’s podcast app refreshes, or they refresh manually, the episode should appear for them right away.

Still experiencing problems? Get in touch with East Coast Studio and we’ll be happy to help you sort it out!



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