What do podcasters and ducks have in common? On the surface, you’re swimming serenely along, looking calm and in control. Under the water, your legs are paddling away, doing all the work.

When you’re presenting your podcast, you look calm and in control because of all the hard work you do out of sight. Podcasting involves many moving parts to ensure a show is excellent, both technically and in terms of content. It is time consuming to be an entrepreneur and a podcaster, but thankfully there are a whole bunch of apps and tools available to help you save time as a podcaster.



Transcribing your podcast is a fantastic way to make it more discoverable by search engines. Simply upload the audio and Sonix.ai will convert it to text within minutes, making it more accessible and visible. You can search for the timestamp of a specific word or phrase and pull out quotes at the drop of a hat.



Now that you’ve planned your content and created your show, you need to let potential listeners know about it. Social media marketing is a great way to get the word out and drive listeners to your show, but it can be tricky to stand out in such a noisy forum. Headliner is the perfect way to generate flashy audiograms that will stop the scroll and make people take notice. You can promote your show with a transcription-graphic-audio combo to tempt listeners to check out the full episode. Use the audiogram on social media to let your audience know when your show is released and direct them over to your website to tune in.



Avoid time-consuming back and forth email tennis with your potential guests by using a calendar app to schedule interviews. No more debating time zones – Calendly takes care of that. No more writing and receiving multiple emails just to figure out a convenient time to meet – Calendly takes care of that too. Just set up your calendar, configure your availability, and bingo, your guest can book the slot that suits them and you’ll be notified.



Finding engaging guests for your show can be both challenging and time-consuming, so a tool like PodcastGuests is invaluable in helping you find fascinating guests that will resonate with your audience. You can browse their database of potential guests, then drop them a line directly, and if you sign up for the newsletter, you will also get a round-up of featured subject experts each week. If you don’t see your perfect guest on the site, there is also the ability to post an interviewee request. You can save time as a podcaster by avoiding the hours it can take to find a relevant guest.



So you have all these great tools and apps, but isn’t a hassle to manage them all? Are you just making your life more complicated rather than simpler? This is where Zapier comes in. Zapier is an amazing app that lets over 1000 other apps ‘talk’ to each other and therefore streamline your processes. Zapier can do the heavy lifting of linking with calendar apps to schedule interviews, set up reminders for you and your guest, and even automatically transcribe a new MP3 file uploaded to Dropbox.

If you work with others to create your podcast, you can have your show notes writer receive a notification when the editor has finished the audio. Keeping on top of what needs to be done to get all the moving parts of your show together is vital, and Zapier makes it a breeze.

There is no doubt that having a business and a podcast is time-consuming, and there are some tasks that you just can’t rush or outsource, so automating the tasks that you can is a great way to free up time. Streamline hours of repetitive tasks so you can focus on the all-important quality content creation and save time as a podcaster.

Bonus: SmarterQueue

With the range of social media platforms that we must be active on to get our podcast in front of existing and potential listeners, it can be easy to lose track of what’s posting where and when!

A proper tool for organizing and scheduling social media posts is definitely a must. These are even more useful if you have a VA or somebody else working to write and schedule posts for you, as you can review and approve posts before they’re seen, create schedules and re-post evergreen content, plus auto-import content such as your podcast posts.

Our personal choice for this task is SmarterQueue but there are many others.

Save More Time as a Busy Podcaster

Busy people know that their most valuable asset is time. If you are overwhelmed with the work required to keep your podcast going, worry not! East Coast Studio can take care of your podcast editing, show notes, uploading, and more. Start saving hours per week and set up a call today.

Profits Through Podcasting Webinar

Learn the 5 Strategic Shifts 6-Figure Podcasters Make To Get High-Profit Clients and Save Hours Each Week

Profits Through Podcasting Webinar

Learn the 5 Strategic Shifts 6-Figure Podcasters Make To Get High-Profit Clients
and Save Hours Each Week